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Proven to Reduce Errors and Increase Effectiveness


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why did I do that?”

Nobody wants to make a mistake, but there are traps of human nature that lead us to do the stupid things we do. You can avoid many mistakes by learning how to identify and deal with those traps.

Human Error Prevention Training that Saves Time and Money!

Learn Why Error Prevention Training is important in three minutes:

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This chart shows the exciting and lasting results at a major aerospace corporation that started Error Prevention Training to bring down escalating major mistake/incident rates.


Other clients have experienced a similar decline in mistakes, incidents and accidents with the introduction of EPI’s Error Prevention Training.

What our Clients Say

"Error Prevention Training increased our efficiency through elimination of costly mistakes and an increase in overall effectiveness, leading to increased profitability."  Senior Executive

"This training saved my life!"

F-14 Radar Intercept Officer

"We saw a tremendous increase in communication after this training."  Project Leader

"Long overdue – we needed you ten years ago!"  Software Engineer

"Hopefully, this will be adopted as an industry standard."  Aerospace Engineer

"Bottom line…this training will save lives."  Firefighter

"This is one of the few tools handed down that works!"  Aerospace Quality Assurance Manager


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