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Advanced EP to Human Error Prevention

Ultimate effectiveness is not a destination—it’s a journey. No matter how good you are today, you can always be a little better tomorrow. There is no system or magic buzzword to get you there. It requires an ongoing process of open, honest communication about the problems and possibilities each person in an organization faces. EPI offers three Advanced Error Prevention courses that help supervisors, managers, and executives provide the guidance, support and motivation their personnel need to take your organization on the journey to Ultimate Effectiveness.

PICs are critical to achieving Ultimate Effectiveness through Error Prevention. This custom online workshop provides PICs with a deeper understanding of Human Error Prevention and the critical part they play in assuring the people and teams in their areas fully implement and actively sustain an Error Prevention Culture.

Large companies typically want to assign an Error Prevention Administrator to monitor and encourage the implementation of Human Error Prevention throughout their company. If the company is large enough, they may also assign Coordinators to encourage and monitor the implementation of Error Prevention in their area. The custom Champion Workshop equips Administrators and Coordinators with the knowledge and skills they need, and helps them to define and meet the challenges they face in their unique situations.

A variety of products and services provided by EPI to meet the special needs of large organizations.

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