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Error Prevention Champion Program

The Champion Solution

Our desire for enhanced flexibility and sustainability at a lower cost to the client has led us to develop a game-changing approach to Error Prevention that revolutionizes the way businesses cultivate a thriving error prevention culture – the Error Prevention Champion Program. 

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Instead of EPI personnel traveling to client locations to train all company personnel, we train an employee who will serve as a full-time Error Prevention Champion, along with other Champions for specific areas as needed. We also provide these Champions with all the resources they need to implement a robust Error Prevention Program throughout your organization. The Champion approach is designed to provide maximum flexibility to meet the unique needs of your organization today and in the future.

Role of AESOP Champions

Champions will work with management and staff to ensure a complete and robust implementation of the 40 Traps and Tools of Error Prevention, as well as the ongoing utilization of the AESOP Huddle and Sustainability Tools throughout the organization.   Champion roles include:

1. Staff/Team Training

- Ideally, Champions will coordinate the gradual introduction of the Error Prevention Traps and Tools on a team basis using the convenient training modules provided by EPI. 

- Champions can provide live onsite Error Prevention Training sessions using those same resources.

- Employees can also access those resources remotely to complete the training on an individual basis.


2. Integration with Existing Processes - The Champions will work with appropriate personnel to integrate the Traps and Tools of Error Prevention into existing processes and procedures.


3. Encouragement - Champions will encourage leads, supervisors, managers, and employees to embrace the principles and practices of Error Prevention, fostering a culture of error reduction and continuous improvement.


4. Monitoring/Reporting - Champions will monitor the implementation of Error Prevention, identify any weak areas or roadblocks, and provide guidance and support to employees in their respective areas.


5. Coordination and Team Liaison – Depending on the size of the organization, Error Prevention Coordinators may be assigned in logical areas to act as liaisons between the Error Prevention Champions and their respective teams.


Champion Training Sessions  

There is a maximum of four Champions per class.

Orientation Meeting - We start with a half-hour Orientation Meeting to familiarize everyone with the program.

Champion Training Sessions (1:15)

Each session covers one Course Module and one Champion Topic:

Session            Course             Champion Topic

Session 1         Module 1         Training Team Members

Session 2         Module 2         Refresher Training

Session 3         Module 3         Sustaining EP Culture

Session 4         Module 4         Team Talk Videos

Session 5         Module 5         Knowledge Center

Session 6         Module 6         Local Implementation Plan

- Each training session is recorded and made available to the Champion group to review or catch up in the event of a missed training session.

- The entire Champion Resource Library is available online.

Champion Support Services

Beyond addressing questions and providing assistance, our package includes monthly progress review meetings, personalized consulting, and product development support.

Imagine a dedicated monthly session where you and fellow Champions assess progress, celebrate successes, and address challenges. We're here to guide your growth and illuminate the path forward.

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