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Error Prevention

Champion Training Course  

3-Hour Training for Error Prevention Champions 

Course Description

Larger companies often find it advantageous to assign an Error Prevention Administrator to encourage and monitor the implementation of the Traps and Tools of Error Prevention and the use of the Huddle Process throughout the company.

A company may also decide to assign Error Prevention Coordinators in logical areas of the corporation to be liaisons to the Error Prevention Administrator for their areas. While these are not typically full-time positions, they do require sufficient time to be able to focus on and assess the implementation of Error Prevention in their area, identify any roadblocks, and gather success stories. 


Others prefer to prepare in-house Trainers so they can provide the Error Prevention Basics Course to their employees along with their other offerings.


We refer to the Administrator, Coordinators and Trainers as Champions, because their knowledge and enthusiasm contributes to the initial and long-term success of Error Prevention in any organization.


The Champion Training is designed to equip your company’s Error Prevention Champions with the tools they need to ensure the successful roll-out and long-term use of Error Prevention Training across your organization. Each Champion Training session is tailored to the specific needs of the attendees, so the course offerings will be a program that best fits the needs of your organization's journey to ultimate effectiveness and maximum safety.

Available via Live Online Web Conference and Onsite Training 

What does the Champion

Training Course Cover?

Here are a few of topics we can cover during the Champion training course:


  • Needs Analysis – How to determine what Traps of human nature are leading to mistakes, incidents and accidents, and what Tools could be used to avoid them.


  • Mistake/Incident Analysis – How to discover the human factor causes of mistakes, incidents and accidents.


  • Stories – How to research, produce and distribute stories that illustrate the importance of being aware of Traps and using the Tools of Error Prevention, by describing the actual benefits experienced with their use, and the consequences when they were not used.


  • Train-the-Trainer – How to use the Course Slides, Scripts and Student Guides to train your personnel.


  • Integration – How to coordinate Error Prevention Traps and Tools with your current quality and/or safety programs.


We will work with your Champions to put together the best options to fit your needs.

Achieving Ultimate Effectiveness

Champions can be a key part of any organization’s journey to Ultimate Effectiveness by providing guidance, support and motivation to their personnel, helping them to be consistent in their use of Error Prevention, even in the face of short deadlines and tight budgets.

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