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Simple Solution

In our efforts to avoid human error, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. In this Case Study we share two examples for your consideration and discussion.

CoPilot Syndrome, High Stress

Too Close for Comfort

People have a natural tendency to put off dealing with risks they think are not likely to happen. Even if the likelihood of an adverse event is small, sometimes the cost, if it does happen, makes it important to use the Conservative Response Rule, Assertive Statement and if necessary, “This is Stupid!” to get it taken care of.

Haz Attitudes, Relaxed Situation, Train

The Flying VCR

This video features the trap called "Everybody's Watching."

Hidden Agenda

Night Flight Over Fire

Flying at night is riskier than flying during the day, because it can be very difficult or even impossible to see bad weather or unlit terrain. Add the fatigue and mental fog of a pilot flying when he would normally be sleeping, and it is easy to understand that 30% of all fatal general aviation accidents occur at night.

Relaxed Situation

Kyle the Kayaker

Kyle - the Kayaker Who Got in Over His Head
Like a lot of recreational activities, I think we can all agree that kayaking is one that’s considered to be fairly simple and safe and pretty “low-risk” as far as sports go.

CoPilot Syndrome

It Only Takes a Minute

One of the powerful benefits of AESOP is that it helps us to do the right thing when we are in a hurry and don’t realize, or don’t want to take the time to deal with, a serious risk factor. A good example of HOW AESOP might help, is the problem of items falling off of vehicles and hitting or being hit by following drivers.

Before the Fall

"Before the Fall" ...based on a true story about how an Aerospace company once accidentally dropped a satellite and how Error Prevention training might have been used to prevent the accident.

Distractions, Satellite

Deadly Distractions

In the Error Prevention training we learn that the traps of human nature often lead to a loss of situational awareness that ultimately results in the incident, accident or failure.

This was the case with the derailment of an Amtrak train in Philadelphia in May 2015. The NTSB determined that the engineer’s loss of situational awareness led to the train entering a curve at over twice the speed limit.

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