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EP360 | Reduce Human Error
Reduce Human Error

What is EP360?


A comprehensive approach that provides everything you need to train personnel, implement that training, and sustain a robust Error Prevention Culture within your team or organization. The program includes:

• Error Prevention Training 
• TeamTalk™ Video Sessions

• EP Knowledge Center (training resources)

This video briefly explains how EP360 works to reduce human errors, mistakes & accidents.

The Details:

1. Prevention Training Course

Six 30-minute modules that cover the Traps of human nature that trip us up, and provide practical Tools that can be used to avoid or deal with those traps. You can access the course on any computer or mobile device through the EPI website, or you can install it on your LMS. Learn more about our Online Training.


2. TeamTalk™ Videos

Help PICs fully implement and actively sustain Error Prevention on their team using short videos with imbedded discussion questions.  Learn more about TeamTalk™ Videos.


3. Knowledge Center


Quickly and easily:

• Access information about Error Prevention Traps and Tools.

• Print Error Prevention information, checklists and worksheets.

• Learn more about to Reduce Human Error Best Practices.

Learn more about the EP360 Knowledge Center.


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EP360 Resources Bundle

Reduce Human Error

VIDEO: How to Create an EP360

New User Account 

• Error Prevention Training 

• TeamTalk™ Videos 

• Knowledge Center


Join today to get unlimited access

to the EP360 Training Program.

$79 / Person / First Year

$10 / Person Year Thereafter

Quantity Discounts are Encouraged - Contact us for details

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