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It Starts with the Knowledge that

Nobody Wants to Make a Mistake!

Unfortunately, there are traps and weaknesses of human nature that lie in wait for all of us that cause most mistakes. If you can recognize when these traps are working against you, you'll be equipped to avoid many mistakes, incidents and accidents, allowing you to operate more effectively both personally and professionally.

Any attempt to improve an organization which does not address these human factor issues is doomed to failure, because the traps are still working to undermine the best intentions of all those involved.


EPI’s process blasts through these roadblocks to improve your team’s effectiveness. Our training, support and reinforcement processes bring to light issues that everyone is aware of, but no one wants to talk about.


Error Prevention doesn’t rely on corny buzzwords or complicated systems to be effective – just practical tools that can help teams and leaders proceed together as an energized unit.

The EPI training consists of six 30-minute modules which can be reviewed over and over again as needed.





How Do I Know if this Training is For Me?

EPI has been providing Error Prevention Training for over 25 years to a wide range of people and organizations. People in all types of occupations within these organizations have benefited from this training.

Traps & Tools

EPI’s successful approach to Preventing Human Error is based on the clear identification of more than 20 Human Factor Traps using simple language and practical illustrations anyone can understand.   Identifying a Trap is only half the battle, so we also provide Practical Tools you can use to avoid or deal with those Traps.

Is it Complicated?

Here's the best part - it's not complicated at all! EPI’s training does not leave people scratching their heads wondering, “What does that mean?” or “That’s great, but how does it apply to me?” We have taken the academic base of this discipline and condensed it down to what really matters. No psycho-babble, no complicated diagrams – just simple words and phrases that people can easily remember and start using immediately.

Quality or Safety? YES and YES!

To us it is impossible to separate quality from safety. If an organization is not safe, they will probably not have a quality product; and if they don’t have high quality standards, their safety is also likely to be weak. The Tools of Error Prevention enhance both safety and quality, helping individuals and organizations to perform at their highest levels of effectiveness!

Over the past 30 plus years we have trained everyone from the New York City Fire Department to the Washington State Loggers Association; from the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department to NASA.

Basic Tenets of Error Prevention



Nobody wants to make a mistake!


It is beneficial to learn about these Traps and how to best avoid or deal with them.


This encourages an open dialog about what happened and why it happened.


There are Traps of Human Nature that lead to most human-factor mistakes, incidents & accidents.


A critical part of this process is eliminating blame for honest mistakes.


The information learned can then be communicated to others so they can avoid falling into the same traps.

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