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Sustainability Tool Kit

The path to fully implementing and actively sustaining Error Prevention!

Learn about the Sustainability Tool Kit in two minutes:

The Problem

  • The Basic Course presents a lot of information – 40 Traps and Tools in three hours.

  • Like any skill, the Traps and Tools need to be revisited and practiced.

  • Each person/team needs to consider how to apply them in their unique environment.

  • It’s difficult to take time to review and discuss the Traps and Tools.

  • Team leaders typically don’t have time to prepare and lead discussions.

The Result

  • Concepts are forgotten, focus is diminished, and results decline.

  • Most people just use AESOP.

  • This results in missing out on the maximum benefits of Error Prevention!

TeamTalks_Eliminating Human Error.png

The Solution:

TeamTalk Videos

TeamTalk Videos are​ a simple and effective way to fully implement and actively sustain an Error Prevention culture without extra training sessions or meetings.

With only two short TeamTalks per month (less than 30 minutes), a team will review most of the Traps and Tools over the course of a year, relating them to their operational challenges.

Team Talk Videos

Error Prevention is fully implemented and the team experiences maximum benefits of increased safety and quality!

TeamTalk Videos are part of the Sustainability Tool Kit that provides resources to reinforce the Basic Course by facilitating personal/team review of the Traps and Tools of Error Prevention.



Quickly review the definitions of Traps, Tools and other Error Prevention Concepts.


Traps & Tools Handbook

A searchable reference guide that goes into greater detail on each Trap and Tool.


Printable Resources

Includes AESOP, Assertive Statement, I’M SAFE, Mistake/Incident Analysis Worksheet, and more.


Q & A With Jay

Short (3-5 minute) videos in which Jay Hopkins, the founder of The Error Prevention Institute, answers typical questions people have about implementing and sustaining Error Prevention.

$9.99 / Year / Person

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