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Ongoing Reinforcement for Everyone


EPI has delivered Error Prevention training to thousands of people, receiving rave reviews.  But as is common with most training, over time many of the concepts are forgotten, focus is diminished, and results decline. That’s why we created the Sustainability Subscription. 

These video refreshers are designed for the PICs and Error Prevention leaders in your company to use with their teams as a part of a regular team meeting twice each month, for a total of 24 Sustainability Sessions over the course of a year.


Each brief video presents a case study or story that illustrates the importance of being aware of the Traps of Error Prevention and using the Tools consistently throughout each day, both at work and at home. At one or more points in the video, the team leader is encouraged to pause the video, which provides a question for the team to discuss that relates the lessons in the video to their specific team environment—how they can use Error Prevention to accomplish their assigned tasks despite the challenges they face.


Because the videos cover a variety of situations people face at work and at home, different Traps and Tools are featured, so team members will be continually reviewing what they learned in the Basic Course, and reinforcing the application of Error Prevention in their work and in their personal lives.


This small investment of less than 30 minutes per month will ensure that in our busy, uncertain world, the Tools of Error Prevention remain fresh and ready to use when they are needed most. 

What's Included with Sustainability?

Each Annual Sustainability Subscription supports 

up to 100 Users and Leaders

and includes everything a team leader needs to regularly integrate short Error Prevention discussions into scheduled team meetings to ensure maximum retention and sustainability. 


In addition, all team members can have their own login and access to the following online tools designed for desktop or mobile access:


  • Sustainability Videos Library

  • Traps & Tools Glossary

  • Traps & Tools Handbook

  • Q&A with Jay (Learning from Experience)

  • Access to the EPI Resources Library


Error Prevention Sustainability videos focus on specific team tasks and challenges, and ensure that in our busy, uncertain world, the Tools of Error Prevention remain fresh and ready to use when they are needed.

$499 / Year

Clients say the Sustainability process is successful in breaking down the barriers between employees and management.

Achieving Ultimate Effectiveness

The Sustainability process encourages everyone to keep their radar on at all times, and to share their knowledge, ideas and challenges with others, discussing positive ways to ensure that successes are built upon and mistakes are not repeated.


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Night Flight Over Fire

Only Takes a Minute

Simple Solutions

Accident Zone

Fatal Weakness

How do you Decide

Back in the Saddle

Saddle Sores

When Terror Strikes

Proximity Meter

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