Error Prevention Training is reinforced through an ongoing subscription of Error Prevention Lesson content that encourages employees to “keep their radar” on at all times and to share their knowledge and ideas with others.


Sustainability Lesson Huddles
During this Huddle, you're encouraged to discuss positive ways to ensure that successes are built upon and that mistakes are not repeated.


Clients report that the Sustainability Lesson Huddle Process is successful in breaking down the barriers between employees and management. More importantly, our clients are reporting that their employees really enjoy the Error Prevention Lessons.

These Sustainability Lessons should take 10 minutes or less per meeting and are a great way to refresh everyone's memories about the Error Prevention Training they received. The Huddles present real world approaches to problem solving using applied knowledge.

In this setting, Error Prevention discussions can focus on specific team tasks and challenges. This ensures that in our busy, uncertain world, the Tools of Error Prevention remain fresh and ready to use when they are needed most.


What's Included in the Sustainability Edition?

Each Annual Sustainability Subscription supports a group of up to 250 users and leaders, and includes everything each leader needs to regularly integrate short Error Prevention discussions into scheduled team meetings to ensure maximum retention and sustainability.  The Error Prevention Lessons are based on interesting Traps, Tools and Case Studies.  They include:


  • 2 New Error Prevention Lessons each month​

    • Video Lesson

    • Team Leader Discussion Guides

    • Participant Handouts 

  • Quarterly online Error Prevention Forums

This  Sustainability Subscription promotes strong leadership combined with an atmosphere of open communication that produces a significant and continuing increase in individual and organizational effectiveness.

How Does It Work?​

  1. Each manager/team leader is provided access to the EPI Traps & Tools Sustainability Lessons. 

  2. Leader selects an Error Prevention Lesson and prints the Leader Guide and Participant Handouts. 

  3. During the meeting the Leader plays the video and then leads a discussion focusing on the specific challenges their team faces using the discussion guide.

The Pinch - Lesson Package

All videos and guides can be viewed on any web browser-based computer or mobile device.


The Leader Guide provides team Leaders with a summary of the Lesson topic key points, and a few questions to stimulate group discussion. In this setting, Error Prevention discussions can focus on specific team tasks and challenges. 

The Participant Guide provides participants with a summary of the key points, and a place to take notes.  Repeating this process just a couple of times per month drives up training retention and reduces mistakes, incidents and accidents.

Perhaps most important, your team will be able to focus on specific tasks and challenges you face together.


Pinch Me

Accident Zone

Fatal Weakness

How do you Decide

Master of Illusions

Back in the Saddle

Saddle Sores

When Terror Strikes

Close Encounters

Proximity Meter

My Co-Pilots got it Covered

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