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Error Prevention

PIC Training Course

3-Hour Advanced Training for the Person-In-Charge (PIC)

Available via Live Online Web Conference or Onsite Training

This course is designed for the Person-In-Charge (PIC), such as a team lead, supervisor, manager or director, who has completed the 

Basic Training Course.


The PIC is critical to the success of Error Prevention, because employees look to the PIC to find out if they are serious about Error Prevention, or if it is another case of sending everyone through training and then just doing business as usual.

Many people promoted to management positions are not comfortable being a leader, working with people, or dealing with human factor issues. Our goal is that after this session, each PIC will be “comfortable enough” to work with the Traps and Tools, to lead an AESOP Mini-Huddle, and to facilitate a short discussion about each Sustainability video.


Beyond that, Error Prevention can help a PIC to become a better leader, which in turn helps the team to be more effective. This is because many of the Traps of Error Prevention block the effective transfer of information, while the Tools can help ensure the PIC has all the information needed to make the best possible decision.


Maximum class size is 25 PIC's per session.

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What does the PIC Training Course Cover?

The PIC Training covers a wide range of Error Prevention and leadership topics, such as:


  • Effective Leadership

  • Blame vs. Accountability

  • Traps & Tools from a Leadership Perspective

  • Leading an AESOP Mini-Huddle

  • Tactics for Sustaining Error Prevention 

  • Leading a Sustainability Session Discussion


Your PICs will greatly enjoy and benefit from this popular course!


(presented online)

$1,999 / Class

* plus instructor T&E

Achieving Ultimate Effectiveness

Each PIC plays a key part of any organization’s journey to Ultimate Effectiveness by providing guidance, support and motivation to their personnel, and helping them to be consistent in their use of Error Prevention, even in the face of short deadlines and tight budgets.

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