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Error Prevention Training

Overview & Implementation


Error Prevention (EP) is unique in that it is easily adaptable to almost any type of organization or team. EPI provides several training options, as well as guides to help your team develop a sustainable Error Prevention Implementation Plan. Our process leads to a long term reduction in mistakes, incidents and accidents; as well as significant increase in individual, team and overall effectiveness for your entire organization.

EP Training can take many different forms, depending on the size and nature of your organization. A successful implementation plan includes these key components:

EPI's Training Courses address "traps and weaknesses" of human nature.


These traps lie in wait for all of us and cause most mistakes. If you can recognize when these traps are working and have the tools to deal with them, you'll be equipped to avoid many mistakes, incidents and accidents, allowing you to operate more effectively both personally and professionally.​

Accessible to Everyone

Understanding the value of presenting Error Prevention concepts to everyone affecting the success of the organization - from leadership and frontline workers, to suppliers and contractors - is a key component to

successful implementation.

EP Administrator

Companies often find it advantageous to assign an Error Prevention Administrator to encourage and monitor the implementation of the Traps & Tools of Error Prevention throughout the company.

EP Champion

Large companies, divisions, and facilities may benefit from assigning Champions to encourage and monitor the use of Error Prevention in their area, and to document situations in which Error Prevention made a significant difference.

Ongoing Reinforcement

The impact and utilization of all training fades over time, so a Sustainability Program implemented at the team level is critical to reinforce established concepts and expand on existing knowledge of EP subject matter, ensuring the positive results of Error Prevention are experienced over the long term.

Our Strategy:


6 E-Learning Training Modules

(Included with Basic Online and Classroom training.)


An introduction to the most fundamental Traps & Tools so you can start avoiding mistakes and increasing effectiveness right away!


You will learn to recognize and neutralize 6 Hazardous Attitudes and 6 Special Situations that can lead to Sudden Loss of Judgement.


Learn how to analyze internal and external resources to determine if you and your team have what it takes to successfully complete any given task or assignment.


Very few people work in total isolation. In this module you will learn about personality and team traits that affect how people work together, as well as how to make communication effective to facilitate team performance.


Many of the Traps lead to loss of Situational Awareness, so you will learn how to maintain peak awareness, how to realize when you have lost awareness, and how to recover if your awareness is diminished.


Learn how to apply the Tools of Error Prevention to improve individual and team decisions, and how to incorporate the concepts you have learned into your daily activities.

Why Error Prevention Training?

Is your organization affected by:


  • Low productivity?

  • Communication problems?

  • Employee morale problems?

  • Lack of effective leadership?

  • Repeating the same mistakes?

You don't need to turn your organization upside down or make radical changes - just give your employees the tools they need and the knowledge to use them.

EPI's corporate training can help your organization achieve solutions to issues like these with Error Prevention Training that gives employees and leaders practical tools they can begin using immediately to avoid errors and work more effectively.

EPI's Error Prevention Training promotes strong leadership combined with an atmosphere of open communication that encourages respectfully assertive employees to speak up, use good judgement, and do the right thing.

In today's competitive marketplace, this is a strong advantage and your organization deserves every advantage it can get.

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