What's Included in the User Course?

The Course consists of six E-Learning Modules where you will learn:

  • the Basics of Error Prevention.

  • how to use the AESOP Mini Huddle.

  • how to use the Conservative Response Rule.

  • over 20 Traps & Tools of Error Prevention.

  • much more.


Why do people make mistakes and how do we prevent them?

The Error Prevention Institute has studied human error for over 30 years and we have learned that by motivating, educating and supporting employees through our easy to use programs, Error Prevention becomes part of the work culture and offers many other benefits as well.

Who is this Course for?

This is the quickest way to get everyone on your team working together on the same page. The Training itself is arranged in six 30-minute "modules" that can be completed all at once, or taken individually as schedules permit.

How Does It Work?​




Need additional info? 

Want customized training?

Over the past 30 plus years we have trained everyone from the New York City Fire Department to the Washington State Loggers Association; from the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department to NASA.

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