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Error Prevention

Basic Training Course 

3-Hour Training for Everyone - online or onsite

Course Description

Our quick and practical Error Prevention Basic Training Course covers the traps of human nature that trip us up, and provides practical tools you can use to avoid or deal with those traps.  It provides all the basics of error prevention, including processes such as AESOP™, the Conservative Response Rule as well as over 20 Traps and Tools.

The Basic Training Course is provided through our online e-Learning system, or is available in a classroom environment using EPI or in-house trainers.


Many companies choose a combination of online and onsite classes to best fit staff requirements.  Doing online training first, followed later by classroom training is also a popular option.

(Online Training)

$79 Participant

The online Basic Training Course  is the quickest way to get Error Prevention started in your organization because as soon as you complete the registration process, you can start the training!


The training itself is arranged in six 30-minute modules that can be completed all at once, or taken individually as schedules permit.  The course is provided for each participant for 1 year.


(Onsite Classroom Training)

$79 / Participant*

This 3-hour classroom experience is taught by an EPI instructor at your location.  It covers the same concepts included in the Online Basic Training Course, with the addition of some group exercises for better retention.


* Price is based on a minimum size of 25 participants.

* Plus instructor Travel and Expenses.


What does the Error Prevention

Training Course Cover?

The Course consists of six E-Learning Modules where you will learn:

  • Basics of Error Prevention

  • Over 20 Traps & Tools 

  • How to be More Effective both personally and professionally

Each online user has a unique login to access our cloud-based training. This allows them to pause the course as needed and return to the same location, or even go to a different location they would like to review. 


The course can be taken or reviewed on any web browser-based computer or mobile device as often as desired for one year.

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