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Using the EP360 Program to Reduce Human Errors


Most would agree that reducing human error events is a desirable goal. EPI has been helping companies do just that for over 25 years.


The training course only takes two hours per employee and provides ongoing leadership maintenance tools for sustainability. It has been used daily by hundreds of organizations because it simply works.


An EP Safety Initiative is a great way to share your knowledge and leadership to increase safety within your organization. You can take the lead in reducing risks and litigation, savings on costly mistakes, and improving customer satisfaction which leads to more opportunities. 


Best of all, an EP Safety Initiative can quickly scale from small teams and departments to the entire organization including contractors. 

EPI is currently offering a 7-day FREE Trail of the training

Try our online library of Training Videos and other Tools for FREE (7-day free trial) and give it a test drive to determine if Error Prevention Training  is the right fit for your team or organization, (of course we think it WILL be)!

"EPI's Training Simply WORKS. Since its implementation, our incidents of mistakes & accidents has been reduced by 50% over the past year"

How Does Error Prevention Training Work? 

Our training is comprised of quick, easy-to-learn methods that work on their own, or to enhance other safety and quality initiatives you may already be using. To learn more about the training itself, head over to our training overview page and check out the video.

Reduce Human Error

- EPI has trained over thousands of people in Aerospace, Energy, Military and Other Industries

- EPI training is often a pre-requisite for all new hires

- EPI’s AESOP process is used daily by thousands of users in dozens of industries view our client list


What is EP360 and How is it Used to Prevent Human Errors?

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