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Completing an AESOP Mini-Huddle will enable you to accurately determine the level of risk involved in any given task, project or event.


This brief exercise works great both on an individual, as well as a team level. The Mini-Huddle is an extension of the lessons and concepts presented in the full Error Prevention Online Training course.

For over 20 years, EPI clients have seen beneficial results from taking their teams through AESOP & Error Prevention Training. 

AESOP & the Mini-Huddle

AESOP is a methodology developed by the Error Prevention Institute designed to ensure:


All personnel associated with an operational assignment are familiar with and understand their roles and responsibilities so the risks of accidents can be identified, communicated and mitigated.

AESOP is an acronym that guides you through a 5-step checklist. The breakout session that takes you through this process is called an AESOP Mini-Huddle.

Error Prevention Training
AESOP_card-Error Prevention Training

Get the Guide

The AESOP Mini-Huddle Ultimate Guide!

In order to help our clients teach and/or renew their safety and Error Prevention programs, EPI is pleased to announce our newest resource - The AESOP Mini-Huddle Ultimate Guide.


Wether you are new to the AESOP scene or have been using and implementing the EPI Training concepts including AESOP for many years, our new guide book is an invaluable resource.

Each guide ordered comes with an accompanying AESOP Card!

Get yours today

Learn to answer to these questions and many more:

  • How do you start an AESOP Mini-Huddle?

  • When and where do you use AESOP?

  • How long should it take to do AESOP?

  • Who should use AESOP?

  • Why does AESOP work?

  • What are the 8 Steps to conducting an effective AESOP?

The AESOP Ultimate Guide Book is a high-quality spiral bound book that includes over 24 pages of training material with short quizzes to ensure that the training is easily understood and retained. If you are new to Error Prevention this guide provides everything you need to get started.

Wether you are new to the AESOP Mini-Huddle, or if you've already been using AESOP, this book will help to sharpen your skills and give everyone a clear easy to understand guide that they can keep for work and home use.

Don't have an AESOP card yet? We've got you covered!

Each book comes with its own AESOP card.

The laminated AESOP card provides an easy to use reminder of the 5 step process. The size of a business card, it has a punch-out to hang from a  lanyard or it can easily fit in a wallet, or serve as a reminder by your computer or in your vehicle. The back of the card explains the 5 step Assertive Statement process and how to get attention when you notice that something isn't right and need to get management's attention.

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