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PIC Workshop

3-Hour Advanced Training for the Person-In-Charge (PIC)

Learn what the PIC Training Course covers in less than two minutes:

pictrainingcourse - Error Prevention Training
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Becoming Comfortable Dealing with Human Factors

Many people promoted to management positions are not comfortable being a leader, working with people, or dealing with human factor issues. Our goal is that after this session, each PIC will be “comfortable enough” to work with the Traps and Tools, use AESOP, and facilitate a short discussion about each TeamTalk video.

Becoming a Better Leader

Beyond that, Error Prevention Training can help a PIC to become a better leader, which in turn helps the team to be more effective. This is because many of the Traps of Error Prevention block the effective transfer of information, while the Tools can help ensure the PIC has all the information needed to make the best possible decisions.

What does the PIC Workshop Cover?

The PIC Workshop covers a wide range of Error Prevention and leadership topics, such as: 

  • Effective Leadership

  • Blame vs. Accountability

  • Traps & Tools from a Leadership Perspective

  • Leading an AESOP Discussion

  • Tactics for Sustaining Error Prevention

  • Leading a TeamTalk Video Discussion

​Best of all, your PICs will have an opportunity to discuss with each other the challenges facing your organization, and how Error Prevention Training can help come up with solutions.

“This is the best approach to leadership training I have ever experienced!”

Senior Executive with PhD in Management

PIC Workshop

Presented Online - Maximum 25 PICs per session.

PICs must have completed the EP360 Online Course.

$1,999 / Class

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