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10 Tips to Eliminate Human Error

10 Tips to Eliminate Human Error

Workplace human error is a component of most businesses. Many of these mistakes may be harmless, while others can be costly both to your finances and reputation.

With the Error Prevention Institute training you will learn how eliminating human errors in your workplace can create a more effective and safe work process.

Below are ten simple tips.

  1. Identify where you're prone to human error

  2. Implement a system to minimize the risk of human error.

  3. Use checklists to reduce the chance of mistakes.

  4. Ensure that all employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities.

  5. Establish regular audits.

  6. Make sure that everyone has access to information.

  7. Provide training on how to avoid making errors.

  8. Create a culture where people feel comfortable reporting any issues.

  9. Eliminate or simplify complex tasks.

  10. Take corrective actions such as training

Error Prevention Institute’s training course provides insights into why humans make errors, how to identify the true root causes of those errors and how to eliminate them.

One example for eliminating errors is to have clearly defined roles which creates accountability. If everyone is doing everything, it’s difficult to know who is ultimately accountable for a particular task.

Most companies repeat the same human errors over and over and typically focus on major issues.

Often productivity and profitability are destroyed by hundreds of small mistakes. Learn how to analyze mistakes and eliminate them, don’t just accept them.

Through practical exercises, case studies and discussions you will be able to examine and categorize human errors, identify their causes and how to support their elimination. This will enable you to change your culture, your business improvement processes, your data collection processes and your problem-solving processes.

Error Prevention Training can help you to become a better leader, which in turn will help your team to be more effective. This is because many of the traps of human error block the effective transfer of information.

Our AESOP process can help ensure that you have all the information needed to make the best possible decisions.

Connect with us to discuss challenges facing your organization and how error prevention training can help you come up with solutions to eliminate human error.

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