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4 Effective Ways to Eliminate Human Error

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

As the saying goes, we’re only human. We make mistakes, we forget important details and we overlook certain things just because sometimes, our heads are preoccupied with other things.

This may also be true in our personal lives. However, when it comes to our work, mistakes can lead to more serious consequences and be much more challenging to rectify. It can cost businesses valuable time, money or customer satisfaction which is not always easy to smooth over.

Below are just a few ways that will help you in eliminating human error at your workplace.


Make sure staffs have access to the tools they need. Time is essential but without adequate resource you will be setting your workforce up to fail. Automation could be the key. Especially when it comes to routine tasks there are often ways to automate them. This could include buying a laser cutter rather than having to cut materials by hand, or using accounting software rather than doing accounting manually or using the cloud to store documents so that one single member of staff (or team) doesn’t have the responsibility of controlling important data.


The first hurdle to overcome is acknowledging that eliminating human error is a joint responsibility of management, and not just something to “blame” on the employee who made the mistake. Just blaming a pilot for a plane crash is not good enough. This could then cause more mistakes to take place as a result. Instead, focus on solutions so that your employees feel that you’re working with them by looking at the activities in the workplace through a different lens.


Effective communication builds a foundation for success for the company and boosts employee happiness. One of the most effective ways to prevent errors occurring is to make sure communications are clear and concise in the first place. Use the right communication tools, focus on consistency, listen (It’s a golden rule), foster two way communications, recognition and positivity. Set communication standards and take regular feedback are some of the easiest ways to encourage communication and eliminate human error.


Error Prevention Institute has been teaching people how to prevent error and since 1990 we have trained a wide range of organizations, including all branches of the US Military, the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, 15,000 employees of a large aerospace company, a small dentist office and still counting.

Why, how and how does eliminating human error with our training work? Contact us to receive all answers.

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