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A Quick and Easy to Learn Human Error Prevention Training Program

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Error prevention training is a competency building training program on the application of human error principles at the work place to avoid problems which happen purely due to the human element. Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize that they can consult with organizations that specialize in human error investigation and prevention. These companies can provide you with top-of-the-line human error prevention tools and ensure that your organization is running as safely as possible at all times.

Welcome to Error Prevention Institute

Seriously engaging training, provided by passionate, experienced trainers consultants that will deliver bottom line results for your business.

We offer training and support on implementing a human error prevention training program that will be a game-changer for your Organization. Our level of expertise and experience on the subject, allied with seriously engaging training approach will ensure this initiative will deliver significant bottom line improvements for your organization as it has done for many others across many industries.

Our objectives

  •  To understand the conditions that increases the risk of human error in the workplace.

  •  To implement proactive strategies to reduce the risk of human error.

  •  Allow the managers to proactively minimize human error through prevention.

  •  Allow the managers to determine where the potential errors are located.

  •  Use proper tools to allow the managers to correct existing human error

Our easy-to-use programs become part of the work culture, and our straightforward training approach teaches over 40 Traps & Tools of human nature including AESOP to reduce mistakes.

What is AESOP?

AESOP is a foundational tool of EPI’s error prevention training. It provides a quick and easy to learn process in common language that enhances your safety and quality initiatives. AESOP ensures that all personnel associated with an operation are familiar with and understand their roles and responsibilities in the operation and that risks of failure are identified, communicated and mitigated.

Qualities of our training:

 It’s uncomplicated & easy to remember

 You can start using it immediately

 It’s easy to implement an sustain

 You can start seeing the effectiveness of the training almost immediately

 It enhances both safety and quality

All 6 modules offer practical approaches and models to address human performance issues – Such as basic of error prevention, attitude, analyzing internal and external resources, team work, awareness and decision making. Join an interactive session on human error prevention and the best practices from industry!

Compare your company against the best in class and learn how to improve your error prevention rate.

Start a free trial session today!

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