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Getting to the Root of Error Prevention with AESOP

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

You’ve likely got many safety and quality systems in place already and enough acronyms to make your meetings sound like foreign speaking visitors are running them.

Yet something is missing. Something basic and easy to use that helps workers and teams know when and how to take a planned pause to evaluate their risk at that moment. Something like AESOP.

At the Error Prevention Institute, we have spent the last 20+ years developing and perfecting a proven Error Prevention System based on the AESOP Method that is currently in use by thousands of people in hundreds of companies worldwide.

The AESOP Method can be Learned in less than Two Hours.

Learning EPI’s Error Prevention System can be done through a series of six short e-learning video modules. Each module can be completed in 15 – 20 minutes. The modules teach people how to use AESOP and other easy-to-use Tools to avoid or deal with the Traps of human nature that are leading to the human factor mistakes, incidents and accidents.

What are the Traps of Human Nature?

The Traps are weaknesses inherent in human nature that reduce our effectiveness and can lead us to take actions contrary to policy, procedures and simple common sense—putting people, equipment and projects at risk.

EPI’s training helps you to identify these Traps of human nature and provides the Tools to avoid or deal with these Traps, resulting in significantly fewer mistakes, near misses and accidents.

Do you really need yet another system?

The AESOP Method is so simple and basic, it easy integrates with other systems designed to improve safety and quality, helping them to be even more effective. In fact, one major aerospace corporation introduced Error Prevention throughout their production areas so that Lean Thinking would be more smoothly and effectively implemented. Many of our clients insert AESOP into the start of meetings, shifts and even within procedures, ensuring that everyone is clear on the upcoming task, and that critical questions get asked and all risks are assessed and adequately mitigated.

Is it Complicated?

No! EPI’s training does not leave people scratching their heads wondering, “What does that mean?” or “That’s great, but how does it apply to me?” We have taken the academic base of this discipline and condensed it down to what really matters. No psychobabble, no complicated diagrams – just simple words and phrases that people can easily remember and start using immediately.

Is it Easy to Implement & Sustain?

YES! We offer cloud based TeamTalk videos each month that supervisors and managers can use to review and discuss how to fully implement Error Prevention on their team. Each discussion typically takes less than fifteen minutes, so it can be easily included in a normal team meeting. At two TeamTalk videos per month, the team will review most of the Traps and Tools over the course of a year, applying each Trap and Tool to their unique situations.

Quality or Safety? YES!

To us it is impossible to separate quality from safety. If an organization is not safe, they will probably not have a quality product; and if they don’t have high quality standards, their safety will likely be weak also. The AESOP Method will enhance both safety and quality, helping individuals and organizations to perform at their highest levels of effectiveness!

Contact EPI today for more information on how to get started with Error Prevention.

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