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How to Reduce Human Error - Best Practices

Human Error Prevention Best Practices.

Human error is a mistake made by people that results in any unfavorable outcome. It is a normal by-product of workplace activity. The limitations of the human body and human mind, called the human factors, are the foundations of human error. All of us are affected by these human factors in diverse ways when doing our jobs and throughout our lives.

Our easy-to-use programs become an integral part of your work culture, and our straightforward training teaches over 40 Traps & Tools of human nature and including AESOP, the power tool of Error Prevention.

AESOP is a methodology developed by the Error Prevention Institute designed to ensure:

All personnel associated with an operational assignment are familiar with and understand their roles and responsibilities so the risks of accidents can be identified, communicated and mitigated.

AESOP is an acronym that guides you through a 5-step checklist. The breakout session that takes you through this process is called an AESOP Mini-Huddle. It’s an interactive session on human error prevention, the best practices and how to decrease your error rate and enhance your safety.

This training course will teach you strategies, tools and techniques to identify, manage and mitigate errors. It will also support you as leaders in developing your skills in motivating and driving a cultural change to ensure a more efficient and cost-effective approach.

Key take aways

A Solid foundational knowledge of the proven methods of human error prevention.

Assess the current cultural status of your organization and understand how implementing AESOP could increase efficiency and help in human error prevention.

Discuss tools that can be used to identify, manage and mitigate error.

Understand the risk of human error and develop strategies for reducing it.

Improve your management skills in motivating and improving your teams behavior and knowledge.

Course Overview.

Module 1 - Error prevention basics.

Module 2 - What's your attitude?

Module 3 - How to analyze internal and external resources.

Module 4 - Working together effectively.

Module 5 - What's your situational awareness?

Module 6 - Good decision making.

Who will benefit.

  • Supervisors, Managers and Directors.

  • Operations.

  • Manufacturing.

  • Plant Engineering.

  • QA and QC Staff.

  • Process Excellence/Improvement Professionals.

  • Industrial and Process Engineers.

  • Compliance Officers.

  • Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Professionals.

For a serious reduction in the number of errors in your operation you need human factors solutions. Connect with our team today and get started.

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