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Improve Results with Human Performance Safety Training

Human Performance Safety Training Improves Safety Results.

This course is designed for personnel who want to improve human performance safety results in their workplace.

Human performance impacts all aspects of the working environment from the individual, the organization, to job performance and safety.

Risk assessment is inherent in the decision-making process. Unfortunately, people may not be aware of all the risks involved in a particular decision, or they may tend to minimize risks, especially risks they deal with every day.

Our approach to Human Performance safety training is based around the AESOP method for risk assessment. The training helps you to identify the Traps of human nature and how to effectively apply the right Tools to overcome those Traps, resulting in significantly fewer mistakes and accidents.

AESOP is a methodology developed by the Error Prevention Institute designed to ensure:

All personnel associated with an operational assignment are familiar with and understand their roles and responsibilities so the risks of accidents can be identified, communicated and mitigated.

It is an acronym that guides you through a 5-step checklist and the breakout session that takes you through this process is called an AESOP Mini-Huddle.

Our training is in an interactive workshop format in which the participants are encouraged to take an alternative viewpoint on the work that they do. Through a variety of practical activities we enable them to work out solutions and improvements that they believe in and are willing to own in their workplace.

You'll come away from this e-learning human performance safety training course with a solid foundational knowledge of the proven methods of human error prevention. As a bonus, you'll get access to EP360, our bundle of additional tools and resources you can utilize after you've completed the training.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their safety goals through procedural excellence, incident analysis, and human performance improvement.

EPI also offers three Advanced Error Prevention courses that help supervisors, managers, and executives provide the guidance, support and motivation which their personnel need to take your organization on the journey to ultimate effectiveness.

Our Customers achieve higher levels of safety and operational excellence than ever, saving them time, money and wasted effort and often giving them the edge over their competitors.

Everyone can benefit from our human performance safety training course.

Create an account and try it for free for 7 days!

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