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Minimize Operational Risk with Human Error Prevention Training

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

What is the definition of human error?

When working with machines there is a certain amount of predictable error. This could be due to a part wearing out after a set number of cycles or the technology itself being incapable of performing a task to the ideal level of accuracy. The mistake isn’t a conscious decision – it’s an unintentional fault that is an inherent part of the system carrying out the tasks it’s given. This is much the same with human error.

“Human error” is any mistake or action performed by a human which results in the thing they’re doing to be wrong. This mistake is unintentional!

Error Prevention Training

No matter how fool proof you think your operations are, human error will always pose a threat. It’s difficult (if not almost impossible) to effectively tackle human error reduction without being able to understand the cause of it. It involves far more than taking disciplinary action against an individual. There are a range of human error prevention measures which are more effective controls including the design of the equipment, assignment clarification, standard operating procedures and training.

The Error Prevention Institute is committed to empowering leaders and people in charge (PIC’s). Our suite of training and continuing professional development programs is designed specifically to meet the needs of the managers and to drive the business towards growth. By combining unique human error prevention training and an understanding of the role of the leader or PIC, we establish a common language with which to communicate the value of error prevention training and development to everyone within the company.

Human error prevention training (EP360 with AESOP) really works!

It’s an educational based comprehensive approach that provides everything you need to train personnel, implement that training, and sustain a robust error prevention culture within your team or organization. An internal client survey revealed that much of the training had been forgotten by the original management team and all that remained was the AESOP card and process. Our AESOP training was effective enough for most of our clients as they continued to happily move forward using this methodology.

And this helped us to realize we could do better. In 2019, we started working on a new concept – Error Prevention 360 (EP360). Our training and workshop is now more effective in alerting people to all potential risk factors, thus improving human error prevention.

We are confident that we can enhance your business performance, minimize risk, and streamline operations. If you would like to improve your results and believe we can help, please contact us or sign up for a limited period free trial today!

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