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Reduce Human Error in a Month!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Humans are capable of incredible feats, but we are also prone to random errors on occasion. From lapses in attention to misunderstanding a process, everyone is intimately familiar with the experience of making mistakes.

Something far fewer people consider is the perspective of organizations, which face the constant potential for mistakes from their employees and must attempt to prevent errors using a combination of training and procedure.

A business is only as strong as its weakest link and that weak link shouldn't be an employee. Educating and training employees, tailored to their job-specific roles, is vital for improving overall workplace competency and reduce the likelihood of human error. This is especially important for employees dealing with mission critical data and technology.

To reduce human error, training is a key element in addressing human factor error preconditions.

Some common preconditions are:

• Poor Communication

• Distractions

• High Workload

• Stress

• Attitudes

• Pressure

• Lack of Awareness

• Lack of Knowledge


• Personal Issues

EPI’s training will take you through a mistake proof method – the AESOP method that will include principles for mistake-proofing solutions, innovative brainstorming techniques complemented by examples and shared experiences from our trainers. You will learn both traditional and unconventional ways to change how any process is executed, learn how to identify, and avoid human errors making it easier, better and safer.

By applying the tools and principles taught in error prevention training, you will be able to:

  • Start avoiding mistakes and increasing effectiveness right away!

  • Recognize and neutralize 6 Hazardous Attitudes and 6 Special Situations that can lead to Sudden Loss of Judgement.

  • Analyze internal and external resources to determine if you and your team have what it takes to successfully complete any given task or assignment.

  • Learn about personality and team traits that affect how people work together, and how effective communications enhance team performance.

  • Maintain peak awareness, realize when you have lost awareness, and how to recover if your awareness is diminished

  • Use the Tools of Error Prevention to improve individual and team decisions, and how to incorporate the concepts you have learned into your daily activities.

Our Error Prevention Institute comprehensive approach provides everything you need to train personnel, implement that training, and sustain a robust error prevention culture within your team or organization.

The EPI course will give you a clear understanding and a proven method to identify and reduce human error.

In less than a month…

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