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Role of Human Performance in Safety Training

When addressing hazards in the workplace, often the focus is put towards the physical hazards that could harm us. For example, hazards, electrocution, heavy equipment, etc. are the topics focused on when looking for things that can seriously injure or hurt us.

While there should be an emphasis on the many physical hazards in our workplaces, human performance factors that affect our work also need to be addressed.

According to a definition shared by the World Health Organization:

Human Factors “refers to environmental, organizational and job factors, and human and individual characteristics which influence behavior at work in a way which can affect health and safety.”

Even with technological advancement human error is still the major cause of accidents and incidents. In fact, in the cyber security index report by IBM security service, over 95% of all incidents that were being investigated were caused by human error.

Human factors can be detrimental in safety critical industries, incurring unnecessary cost and potentially even lives of implicated personal.

The need for human performance safety training

  • provides tools & techniques to minimize errors and prevent harm

  • Helps focus our mental approach for doing safe work

  • Enhanced deliberate thought and action

  • Better awareness of potential consequences and Risks

  • Improved recognition of error-likely situations and error traps

  • To get it done right, the first time, safely doing quality work, which produces reliable & timely results

Our human performance safety training course consists of six modules that cover over 40 of the traps of human nature that trip us up, and collectively provide practical tools that can be used to avoid or deal with those traps.

The Error Prevention Institute provides you with practical information via our safety training courses that you can use to improve human performance at your organization.

Some things that you will learn are:

  1. Basic Error Prevention Traps & Tools

  2. Attitude Management

  3. Stress Management

  4. Interpersonal Management

  5. Attention Management

  6. Task Management

Human performance factors can have as much of a role in a job site incident as a physical hazard. It is important to recognize the role they play in our workday today.

When these factors interfere with our ability to work safely it is important to stop work and address the issue. But first we need to recognize these factors via our human performance safety training.

Eliminate the hazards associated with human performance just as you would eliminate an unguarded machine hazard or a fire hazard. Speak with our Expert today!

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