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Successful Compliance Operations Using Error Prevention Training

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Human errors are the greatest impediment to successfully maintaining validation and compliance operations.

Human error reduction and prevention should be a primary focus of management.

Experts agree that while humans are not perfect, reported types of human error can be prevented by error prevention training.

While we cannot prevent all human errors the process of human error prevention training will ultimately reduce errors.


Let’s first define the scope and differences in the perspective of human errors.

Human Error Reduction - Human error reduction focuses on decreasing the number of incidents or reducing the impact of the event.

Human Error Prevention - Human error prevention differs slightly in that the goal is to eliminate, eradicate and mistake-proof processes and systems so that no human error can occur.

EPI’s primary focus is on human error prevention.

While our clients have found that Error Prevention Training typically reduces errors by around 80%. It is most effective if all employees have received the training, and that training has been reinforced through regular reminders and short refresher segments including our Team Talk Videos.

Why choose AESOP training by the Error Prevention Institute?

Empower your frontline workforce

Move field training beyond the classroom to the people, places and equipment where it is needed

Engage your people to increase their skills and operating performance

Easily fits in your employee's workflow

Why has EPI thrived for over 25 years?

Authentic - We work with our clients to train and empower their teams to solve their unique challenges.

Practical - We partner with our clients, enabling them to implement sustainable improvements through our consulting, error prevention training and TeamTalk videos.

Holistic – Clients work with the concepts and tools during training and immediately starting to apply them; this is without a doubt an innovative way of learning and managing change to prevent human error.

Worldwide – Our online training focuses on making efficient processes. The key goals are to strengthen the competitive edge in terms of quality, cost, and timely delivery of services to everyone worldwide.

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