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Learning from Experience

In these short videos, Jay Hopkins, who founded the Error Prevention Institute in 1990, shares the wealth of information he has accumulated while working with a wide range of clients across the United States and around the world, including military personnel, pilots, aerospace engineers, programmers, medical personal, law enforcement, and firefighters.


These videos allow you to tap into Jay’s experience, and use what he has learned to make your own program the best it can be.

Helping PIC's with Error Prevention


Some people take to AESOP like a duck to water but what if working with other people is not your greatest skill?

No Blame Culture vs. Accountability 


How do you reconcile the two?

Root Cause Analysis 


This video describes how Error Prevention Training can improve standard Root Cause Analysis investigations.


The Mistake/Incident Analysis Worksheet Jay discusses in this video is included in our Sustainability Subscription.

How Hard Is It...and is it for Everyone


Jay compares and contrasts Error Prevention to other Quality and Safety initiatives and highlights the fact that "Everyone is an Error Prevention Person."  


Flight instructor to student pilot "you could see something today that could save our life, we need you to speak up, don't worry if it's nothing, that's OK."

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