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This video briefly details what's included in the Error Prevention Training Knowledge Center to reduce Human Error.

Error Prevention Training

Knowledge Center

Part of the EP360 Resources Bundle, the Knowledge Center is a virtual library where you can find all the information you need about Error Prevention in one convenient place.

An ever-expanding collection of resources including a glossary, training handbook, printable documents, and the Error Prevention Q&A With Jay (our founder). If it relates to Error Prevention, you'll find it here!


Knowledge Center


Quickly look up and review the definitions of Traps, Tools and other Error Prevention terms / concepts to reduce human error.

Printable Documents

Includes the AESOP Card, Assertive Statement, I'M SAFE, Mistake/Incident Analysis Worksheet and so much more to reduce human Error.

Error Prevention Training Handbook

A comprehensive reference guide that goes into greater detail about all of the Traps & Tools of Human Nature.

Q & A With Jay

Brief videos with Jay Hopkins, the founder of EPI, answering common questions about implementing and sustaining Error Prevention.

• Online Training Course

• TeamTalk Video Sessions

• Knowledge Center


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$10 / Person Year Thereafter

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