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reducing mistakes

Reducing Mistakes

Most of us are frustrated, even shocked by the dumb things we do. Forgetting to do important tasks, taking big risks to try and save a few minutes and making decisions against our better judgement. The list goes on and on but it doesn't have to be that way. Reducing the number and severity of the mistakes that we make is what this course is all about.

Just reducing errors would be a great improvement but Error Prevention goes far beyond reducing errors. We call this Ultimate Effectiveness.

The Goals of Error Prevention

Our goals are to produce significant and lasting error rate reduction and to achieve an ongoing substantial increase in individual and organizational effectiveness - ultimately leading to whole organization success.

Error Rate Reduction

There is significant evidence that this training is effective in achieving these goals. For example, a major aerospace firm that provided Error Prevention Training to their personnel experienced a dramatic drop in the incident rate - the number of accidents that involve damage to flight hardware.

Before they started EPI's process the incident rate averaged about 40 per year. By the end of the first year, the rate for that year had been cut in half to 20 and in the third year it was reduced by half again to only 10 incidents!

The corporation is so excited about these results and the savings they are generating that they encourage their suppliers to train their employees in Error Prevention.

Achieving Ultimate Effectiveness

EPI goes far beyond just helping people avoid making mistakes. The practical tools presented in this course help achieve a substantial and continued increase in individual and organizational effectiveness, leading to the ultimate goal of any person or organization - SUCCESS!


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