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Engaging video content with discussion questions for:

Safety Meetings  •  Tool Box Talks  •  Individual Use

Join us for our upcoming Error Prevention "TeamTalk" Training Session


"Episode 1 - 8 Keys to a Great AESOP Mini-Huddle"

Thursday, July 29, 2021    /    10:00am PST

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TeamTalk training provided by EPI Founder, Jay Hopkins

These informal error prevention training sessions are available to teach Error Prevention leaders how to use EPI's TeamTalk Videos to provide a simple and effective way to fully implement and actively sustain an Error Prevention culture without extra training sessions or meetings. 

TeamTalk Videos:
Helping you Reduce Human Errors up to 80%!

Error Prevention Training

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Like Jack Swigert and James Lovell on Apollo 13,

"We have a problem".

While the Preventing Human Error course is very popular at all levels from touch labor to senior management, the 20 Traps and 20 Tools are just too much for anyone to learn in a short three hour training session; plus the generic basic course can’t begin to cover all the different ways Error Prevention can be utilized in differing industries and job types.

Error Prevention Training - iphone before the fall

We Have a Solution!

Most teams get together for a team meeting on some sort of a regular basis, so we came up with our new

“TeamTalk” video series.


Each short video focuses on one or two of the Traps and Tools, and has embedded questions a PIC can use to initiate a short discussion of how the Traps and Tools covered in the video apply to their team and the kind of challenges they face.


The total time including discussion is up to the PIC, but typically would be around ten to fifteen minutes. Most importantly, the discussion questions help team members to creatively apply the Traps and Tools to their work environment.

It would take considerable review and discussion to even begin to reap the potential benefits from the wealth of information in this course, and the simple fact is that most people don’t have the time to do that, so people usually just focus on AESOP.


While AESOP is the foundational Tool of Error Prevention, its purpose is to allow people to discover the Traps impacting them and help them use the appropriate Tools to avoid or mitigate the risks presented by those Traps. It will be much more effective if people are aware of all the other Traps and Tools.



TeamTalk videos avoid the necessity of scheduling a separate Error Prevention meeting, although a video could be used in a standalone meeting if desired.



Just two short sessions a month provide a review of most of the Traps and Tools of Error Prevention over the course of a year.



Most importantly, the discussion questions help team members to creatively apply the Traps and Tools to their work environment.

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