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Engaging Subject Matter for Monthly Meetings

There is a reason many employees consider safety meetings a waste of time. These meetings often present the same tired litany of safety topics over and over again, causing employees to just tune them out.

What if your supervisors and managers could choose from a series of short videos that help people understand the traps of human nature that are leading to mistakes, incidents and accidents; and provide practical error prevention tools to help them identify and deal with those traps in their own environment?

The Error Prevention Institute Team Talks Video Training provide engaging videos on the human factors involved in a wide variety of actual work and personal incidents. Each video contains suggested questions a supervisor can use to lead a short discussion on how the traps and tools covered in that video would apply to their work environment.

These videos are so fresh and interesting that employees actually look forward to the next meeting that contains a fifteen-minute Team Talk session.

See for yourself how Team Talk videos can refresh your safety program by clicking below for your complimentary, no obligation invitation to participate in a live Zoom safety meeting featuring a video on the “Deadly Distractions” that led to the 2015 Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia.

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