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The Online Training presents a lot of information – 40 Traps and Tools in three hours. Like any new knowledge or skill, to be readily available, the Traps and Tools need to be revisited and practiced.


Also, every organization, and even every team within an organization, faces different challenges, and need to consider how to apply them in their unique environment.


It’s difficult to take time to review and discuss the Traps and Tools, and team leaders typically don’t have time to prepare and lead discussions.

  • Concepts are forgotten; focus is diminished; and results decline.

  • Most people just use AESOP.

  • Teams miss out on the full benefits of Error Prevention!

TeamTalk Videos provide a simple and effective way to fully implement and actively sustain an Error Prevention culture without extra training sessions or meetings because they:

With only two short TeamTalks per month (30 minutes total time including videos and discussion), a team will review most of the Traps and Tools over the course of a year, relating them to their specific operational challenges.

  • Feature one or more of the Traps and Tools.

  • Are easy to integrate into regularly scheduled team meetings, but can also be viewed individually.

  • Require no preparation time.

  • Provide discussion questions that help to focus on that team’s unique challenges—no other materials are required.

  • Take as little as three minutes to watch, so the entire TeamTalk session can be completed in 10 – 15 minutes including the discussion.

  • Cover actual events that keep team members interested and eager to discuss the application of the Traps and Tools to their team environment.

Error Prevention is fully implemented and the team experiences maximum benefits of increased safety and quality!

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