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Minimize Human Errors, Maximize Success: "The "NEW" Champion Training Program"

Jay Hopkins Live Webinar 

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Wednessday, August 30th, 2023 |   01:00 PM PDT | VIRTUAL

Don't wait until you have an incident to start your Error Prevention Program.



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Jay Hopkins

Error Prevention Institute Founder, Instructor, Webinar Coach, and Consultant.

As we reflect on over 30 years of impactful training, spanning from the New York City Fire Department to NASA and beyond, we're thrilled to present our latest breakthrough – the Champion Training Program.

The response to this training has been overwhelmingly positive. Organizations that keep detailed records report that their incident and accident rates have plummeted. Even more exciting to me are the stories I get back from people who say this training helped them to avoid a serious mistake, injury, or accident, and in a few cases, even saved their lives.


The Champion's Program is our most effective approach yet and holds the potential to revolutionize safety and success across various industries. Join us to learn more about how this program is setting a new standard for excellence in error prevention training.

AESOP Champion Training Overview Webinar - Webnesday, August 30th, 2023 - 1:00PM PDT

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