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What is Error Prevention?

Eliminating Human Error

Eliminating Human Error

Nobody wants to make a mistake...

...but there are traps and weaknesses of human nature that lie in wait for all of us and cause most mistakes.  If you can recognize when these traps are working, you can avoid many mistakes, incidents and accidents, and operate more effectively both personally and professionally.

Our approach to eliminating human error is based around the AESOP method. This helps you to identify the Traps of human nature and how to effectively apply the right Tools to overcome those Traps, resulting in significantly fewer mistakes and accidents.

Traps & Tools
EPI’s successful approach to Eliminating Human Error is based on the clear identification of more than 20 Human Factor Traps using simple language and practical illustrations anyone can understand. We provide 20 Practical Tools you can use to avoid or deal with those Traps.

Is it Complicated?
No! EPI’s training does not leave people scratching their heads wondering, “What does that mean?” or “That’s great, but how does it apply to me?”  We have taken the academic base of this discipline and condensed it down to what really matters.  No psycho-babble, no complicated diagrams – just simple words and phrases that people can easily remember and start using immediately.

Is it Easy to Implement & Sustain?
YES! We offer two TeamTalk videos each month that supervisors and managers can use to review and discuss how to fully implement Error Prevention on their team. Each discussion typically takes less than fifteen minutes, so it can be easily included in a normal team meeting. At two TeamTalk videos per month, the team will review most of the Traps and Tools over the course of a year.

Achieving Ultimate Effectiveness
EPI goes far beyond just helping people avoid making mistakes. The practical Tools presented in this course help achieve a substantial and continued increase in individual and organizational effectiveness, leading to the ultimate goal of any person or organization – SUCCESS!

Quality or Safety Training? YES!
To us it is impossible to separate quality from safety. If an organization is not safe, they will probably not have a quality product; and if they don’t have high quality standards, their safety will likely be weak also. The Tools of Error Prevention enhance both safety and quality, helping individuals and organizations to perform at their highest levels of effectiveness!



  • EPI trained over 15,000 people at a large Aerospace company.

  • EPI's training is often required for all New Hires.

  • EPI’s AESOP process is used daily by thousands of users in dozens of industries.


EPI training provides a quick easy to learn process and common language that enhances other safety and quality initiatives.


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