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What is Error Prevention?

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Human error prevention encompasses a range of practices and strategies designed to reduce mistakes, particularly in fields like aerospace, aviation, healthcare, manufacturing and others where the consequences of errors can be significant.

Nobody wants to make a mistake...
but there are traps and weaknesses of human nature that can lead even the most skilled individuals and teams to act contrary to their knowledge and training. This makes the implementation of error prevention measures crucial in mitigating potential risks and enhancing overall safety.

Traps & Tools

EPI’s Error Prevention Training helps people identify more than 20 of these human factor Traps and provides 20 practical Tools they can use to avoid or deal with those Traps, resulting in significantly fewer mistakes, incidents, and accidents.


Is it Complicated?

No! EPI’s training does not leave people scratching their heads wondering, “What does that mean?” or “That’s great, but how does it apply to me?” We have taken the academic base of this discipline and condensed it down to what really matters. No psycho-babble, no complicated diagrams – just simple concepts and phrases that people can easily remember and start using immediately.

Who is it for?

Over the past 30 years, the Error Prevention Institute has delivered training to a wide variety of organizations, including: 

Achieving Ultimate Effectiveness
EPI goes far beyond just helping people avoid making mistakes. The practical tools presented in this course help achieve a substantial and continued increase in individual and organizational effectiveness, leading to the ultimate goal of any person or organization – SUCCESS!

Quality or Safety Training? YES!
To us, it is impossible to separate quality from safety. If an organization is not safe, they will probably not have a quality product; and if they don’t have high-quality standards, their safety will likely be weak also. The Tools of Error Prevention enhance both safety and quality, helping individuals and organizations to perform at their highest levels of effectiveness!

Don't Wait For Mistakes to Happen!

The best time to start an Error Prevention Program was twenty years ago; the second best time is today! Smart organizations don’t wait until they have a costly incident or accident to implement Error Prevention Training. They start today because they realize that the amount they save from incidents and accidents they avoid and from increases in operating effectiveness will be far more than the cost of the Error Prevention Program.

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