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Champion Resources 

What are Champion Resources?

Champion resources provide everything you need to train personnel, implement the training, and sustain a robust Error Prevention Culture within your team or organization.


Resources include:

Error Prevention Training Course 
• TeamTalk Videos

• Error Prevention Knowledge Center

This video briefly examines the resources available to Error Prevention Champions.

1. Error Prevention Training Course

The Error Prevention Training Course covers the Traps of human nature that trip us up and provides practical Tools that can be used to avoid or deal with those traps. This course is designed to be used by Champions, team leaders, or individuals for initial training, review, or briefings.

Learn more about our Error Prevention Training


2. TeamTalk Videos

These short video case studies are an easy way for PICs to conduct short discussions about Error Prevention Traps and Tools with their team. The videos contain embedded discussion questions, so no preparation is required by the PIC.

Learn more about TeamTalk Videos


3. Knowledge Center


The Knowledge Center is an online resource that allows users to quickly and easily:

• Access information about Error Prevention Traps and Tools.

• Print Error Prevention information, checklists, and worksheets.

• Learn more about Best Practices for reducing human error.

Learn more about the Knowledge Center

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