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This video briefly outlines what you'll learn in the Error Prevention Training - the first step in the EP360 Program.

Error Prevention Training

Online E-Learning Course

You'll come away from this course with a solid, foundational knowledge of the methods used in preventing human errors.


Our educational training approach is based around the AESOP method. This helps you to identify the traps of human nature and learn how to effectively apply the right tools to overcome those traps, resulting in significantly fewer mistakes and accidents.

Details & Overview:

The training course consists of six 15-20 minute video modules that cover the traps of human nature that trip us up, and collectively provide practical tools that can be used to avoid or deal with those traps.

Here's what the 6 Error Prevention Training Modules Cover:

Module One 
/    Error Prevention Basics
An introduction to the most fundamental Traps & Tools so you can start avoiding mistakes and increasing effectiveness right away!

Module Two  /    What's Your Attitude?
You will learn to recognize and neutralize 6 Hazardous Attitudes and 6 Special Situations that can lead to Sudden Loss of Judgement.

Module Three  /   How's Your Stuff?
Learn how to analyze internal and external resources to determine if you and your team have what it takes to successfully complete any given task or assignment.

Module Four  
/   Working Together Effectively
Very few people work in total isolation. In this module you will learn about personality and team traits that affect how people work together, and how effective communications enhance team performance.

Module Five  
/   What's Your Situation
Many of the Traps lead to loss of Situational Awareness, so you will learn how to maintain peak awareness, how to realize when you have lost awareness, and how to recover if your awareness is diminished.

Module Six  
/   Good Decision Making
Learn how to use the Tools of Error Prevention to improve individual and team decisions, and how to incorporate the concepts you have learned into your daily activities.

How Human Error Prevention Training Works:

  • Access the Basic Course on any computer or mobile device through the EPI website.

  • Each online user has a unique login to access our cloud-based training.

  • User can pause the course or review a previous topic.

  • Modules can be taken individually as schedules permit.

  • The course is provided for each participant for 1 year.

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