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Human Performance Safety Training that Works

Human Performance Safety Training That Works

EPI’s AESOP methodology for human error safety training is used by many managers to cut down on incidents and errors that lead to injuries and fatalities.

It’s easy to implement, complements existing management systems and it works!

Human error is deemed as a significant contributing factor to safety. At some point, human error will contribute to failure in complex systems that are designed, operated, maintained, and managed by humans.

Human errors are classified into 2 levels

Active Error - A plant worker opened the hatch of a reactor and manually charged it with caustic soda. However, he had failed to check the reactor prior to charging, and the caustic soda reacted with chemicals already present to release a toxic by-product. The worker was overcome, and only survived following emergency treatment.

Latent Error - In an offshore oil production platform, a major accident occurred partly because pump seals failed and therefore an antifoaming agent was not delivered to a crude oil separator. The fact that the pump seals were defective should have been picked up during routine inspections, but the inspections were neglected because of production pressures. The failure to carry out the inspections was a latent error.

The best way to support Human Error reduction goals depends on your role.

As an organization, your role is to:

· Support training

· Encourage accountability and the development of a just culture

· Encourage the use of the AESOP tools

· Human performance safety training

· Periodic Reviews

As an employee, your responsibilities are:

· Have a questioning attitude

· Develop a strong sense of accountability

· Learn and implement AESOP tools

· Follow Standard Operating Procedures

· Focus on the pinch – that small voice in our head giving us a warning

At the Error Prevention Institute, our philosophy to reduce human error is to find a solution instead of pushing the blame. An error shows what has happened, but does not explain why it happened. Using our training program, a business can learn how to effectively apply the right tools to overcome human traps, resulting in significantly fewer mistakes and accidents.

There is no question that training, particularly where it is task specific, is extremely important in reducing human errors.

EPI has been doing this effectively for over 2 decades because:

- We are authentic

- We have a practical approach

- We deliver services worldwide

What are you waiting for? Learn more about our course today!

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