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The AESOP Method to Eliminate Human Error in the Workplace

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Eliminating human error process is about understanding that human error is never a true root cause of an event. The basic assumption is that people don’t want to make mistakes.

The AESOP process allows you to peel back more layers of the problem, uncover the true root cause and implement permanent fixes.

Understanding how the "human factor" influences processes is the cornerstone on which our Error Prevention Institute training is built.

We keep the following goals top of mind:

Ø Raise Awareness of Human Errors - Promote the necessity of safety production in the company to create a favorable safety culture atmosphere. Promote the value of safety investment in facilities. Carry out various safety promotion activities and make safety production go into every decision.

Ø Develop Employee Skills – Employee training and development programs are essential to the success of businesses worldwide. Not only do these programs offer opportunities for staff to improve their skills, but also for employers to enhance employee productivity and improve company culture. Employee development is the continuous effort to strengthen work performance through approaches like coaching, training sessions, and leadership mentoring.

Ø Standardize Processes - By mapping processes, users can take control of workflows from start to finish. Process mapping allows users to better understand, map, and manage business-wide processes to drive collaboration, visibility, and accountability from within a single interface. With end-to-end control over workflows, you can dramatically eliminate human error.

Ø Use Tools to Prevent Mistakes (AESOP) - Our approach to eliminating human error is based around the AESOP method. This helps you to identify the traps of human nature and how to effectively apply the right tools to overcome those traps, resulting in significantly fewer mistakes and accidents.

Ø Utilize the Appropriate Communication Channels - Communication is one of the best tools available to reduce human error and allow for corrective feedback when it does happen. Communication should be based on a universal model, and it needs to take place across the entire system as part of eliminating human error. AESOP helps every employee know exactly what they are to do, and how to do it.

It may never be possible to eliminate Human Error in the workplace but businesses that utilize the latest technology and tools correctly can do their part to minimize the likelihood and severity of mistakes which would have a significant effect on their bottom line.

EPI training provides a quick easy to learn process in common language that enhances safety and quality initiatives while eliminating human error.

Get the AESOP guide today!

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